Audi Supercharged Trunk Emblem


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Product Overview


  • Fit for: Audi. 
  • Material: Aluminium alloy.    
  • Color: Black, Silver.
  • Placement: Trunk.
  • Size: 4.29x1.06 inch (109x27 mm). 
  • Strong double side adhesive tap in the back.
  • Use detergent to clean before it is attached to the surface of the target. 
  • Package include: 1x Trunk Emblem.

What does the supercharger emblem mean for Audi?

In the case of Audi, the supercharger emblem is typically a stylized representation of a supercharger, with the word "SUPERCHARGER" displayed in capital letters beneath it. The emblem is typically located on the grille of the car, but may also appear on other parts of the vehicle, such as the side mirrors or wheels.

The use of a supercharger can significantly increase the power and performance of an engine and is often used in high-performance models or in vehicles that are designed for racing or other high-performance applications. It is important to note, however, that the use of a supercharger can also increase the fuel consumption of a vehicle, as the engine must work harder to power the supercharger.


  • The reverse side of the emblem has an adhesive tape.
  • Please clean the target surface before you use it.
  • Self adhesive, peel and stick, easy to put on your car.
  • You can use a hairdryer to make the adhesive tape stick better. 
  • Do not wash within 48 hours.

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