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Front seat protection: clean upholstery and a good mood.

Front seat protection: clean upholstery and a good mood.

Children in the back seat of the car are almost a hundred percent guarantee that the backrests of the front seats will be dirty. Dirt from children's shoes gives a lot of trouble, but it is easy to get rid of it with the help of special protection. You can read all about these accessories, their devices, choice, and use in this article.

Purpose of the backside protection

Modern cars are not very well suited for transporting children - the size of the seats and the interior are designed for the average adult, so it is not too comfortable for children in the car. This also creates problems of another kind: due to their height, children often rest their feet on the back of the front seats, which leads to contamination. All parents are familiar with this problem, and very often it is the children who get caught soiling the backsides of the front seats!

But the problem can be easily solved without constant yanking of the child - a special protection in the form of a cover will help to keep the backs of the front seats clean, even in the dirtiest time of the year. This cover is attached to the back of the front seat and prevents contamination. At the same time, the cover can also act as a simple storage solution, this is achieved with the help of several pockets of different sizes.

The backside protector is a simple and inexpensive accessory that is very easy to use on any car. By buying this accessory, you get a multifunctional object, save the interior of the car, your nerves, and your child's good mood.

Types of protection and their structure

You can distinguish two main types of protective covers for the back of the front seat:

  • Simple protection without additional features;

  • Protection with pockets.

The ordinary protection is a simple cover without additional elements, made of a material that is not afraid of water and dirt, and that can be easily cleaned, washed, or laundered. A protection with pockets is, as you can easily understand, a case with several pockets of different sizes, which can store small items, magazines, books, electronic gadgets, etc.

Nowadays, two types of materials are the most common for the manufacture of guards:

  • Transparent film or oilcloths;

  • Synthetic materials (both woven and non-woven, such as leather).

Covers made of film are the easiest and cheapest to design, but they are not very aesthetically pleasing. Synthetic covers have a more attractive appearance and, due to their structure, fit the back of the seat better.

All covers have the same design. The basis of protection is a piece of fabric that covers the back of the seat. In the case of the cover with pockets, one or more pockets of different sizes are sewn onto the fabric, and some of the pockets can be fastened with Velcro or laced. On the upper part, there is a loop for attaching it to the headrest, on the lower part, there are rubber bands or straps for attaching it to the seat.

It should be noted that there are currently at least three types of fabric protective covers:

  • A thin webbing that loosely adheres to the back of the seat;

  • Thin cloth with rubber edging - it fits tightly to the back of the seat and, in some cases, protects its sides;

  • A thickened mat-like cloth - such cloth usually has soft padding of a small thickness.

Regardless of the type and design, covers may have a different external design. The most common are fabric covers in neutral colors, leather or leatherette covers, and transparent oilcloth covers.

Covers can also be divided into several categories according to how they are fastened to the seat - with suspenders, elastic bands, Velcro strips, or buttons. But regardless of this, the way to fasten all protections remains the same:

  • At the top - by the pillars of the headrest (this is what the straps or various clasps can be used for);

  • At the bottom - with elastic loops (from elastic bands), hooked on the elements fixing the seat, or with a single belt, which is tightened directly on the back of the seat.

Features of selection and use of backside protectors of the front seat

There are several principles to follow when selecting a protector:

  • It should cover the bottom of the seat to reliably protect it from mud from boots;

  • The cover should be made of materials that are not afraid of dirt and water;

  • The appearance of the cover should improve the appearance of the car's interior;

  • A cover with a pocket would also be a good solution.

The protection must be very careful fastened on the seat, because it will be on the road and it can easily move or just fall off.

By choosing protection for your car, you are guaranteed to keep the seat upholstery clean and in good spirits.

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