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How to choose center caps on the wheels?

How to choose center caps on the wheels?

Cap plates are a popular accessory among car owners. Installation of small caps does not require serious financial expenses, but thoroughly protects and adorns the car. Car owners won't have to pay for expensive auto hub bearing repairs, and the car will look stylish at the same time.

One fact: a car that has center caps installed looks exquisite and elegant, as the hub cap emphasizes the beauty and dignity of the rims. In addition, it saves the hub hole from dirt and dust, thus increasing performance of your car.

The peculiarity of selecting hubcaps.

In our experience, 70 percent of drivers do not know how to choose wheel caps. Disc inserts are inexpensive, the parts themselves are small, and drivers believe that the caps on discs are the same and differ only by logo or color. But this is not true! There are hundreds of models on the market, and each has its own peculiarities of choice and performance characteristics.

Important: For proper selection of caps on alloy wheels, specify the following dimensions of the product:

  • Outer diameter - as a rule, the maximum diameter of the cap coincides with the outer diameter of the hub hole (or less than it by 0.5 - 1 mm);
  • Inner diameter (seating diameter) - measured across the flat of the two opposite legs of the cap mount, excluding the latch;
  • Seating depth - the length of the mounting foot is measured.

These parameters are listed in the information about each product, in the catalog of all wheel center caps. The descriptions show the dimensions and photos of the wheel covers in several angles, which will help you to choose the right model.

It is important to know that one and the same car can be equipped with dozens of disc models, as original from conveyor manufacturer, and replica. Accordingly, they fit caps of different sizes. For this reason, it is not correct to choose caps on alloy wheels solely by VIN number, year of manufacture or car model. Remember that.

We want to note that the caps on luxury cars, as a rule, are the same. Caps on the original Mercedes, Porsche, BMW disks often have a characteristic size and differ only in the technique of execution of the logo.

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise people simply by having a car, so a lot of attention is paid to design and tuning. Car owners experiment with images and accessories, and bright discs are their favorite way to attract the attention of others and stand out in the stream of cars. Therefore, hubcaps can be both classic and modernized, with unusual inscriptions and logos.

Accurate measurement of hubcaps.

Accurate measurement of the caps will allow you to find the right accessory that will fit perfectly with the rims. Here are the instructions following which you will not make a mistake when choosing a product.

You should:

  • measure the outer diameter of the cap;
  • measure the inside diameter (seating);
  • measure the length of the mounting foot.

When measuring the outer and seating dimensions of the cap an error of 1 mm is allowed. As for the length of the foot, there is a discrepancy of up to 2-3 mm, because on some models of caps the elongated latch "falls through" into the hollow of the disk.

What should I do if the caps and plugs are missing?

In the absence of caps and caps measure the necessary parameters on the wheel:

The scheme for measuring the disk.

It is more reliable to use a caliper, but if you don't have one, you can use other tools (tape measure or ruler). If you do not have anything of the above at hand, go by car to the nearest tire shop and show the master this article on the phone, he will understand what to measure :)


We advise a thorough approach to the choice of caps on alloy wheels of the car. First of all, study the assortment offered. Make sure that the dimensions on the chosen model coincide with your cap or hub hole dimensions. These decorative inserts will sit firmly on the disc, protecting it from external influences.

Center caps on wheel rims are a great solution to improve the presentation of your car. It is practical, useful and beautiful.

Good luck on the road, drivers.


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