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What does your car lack?

What does your car lack?

At home or at work, we always have everything at our fingertips: here is the phone, a hot cup of tea, a computer, and another regalia of the modern man. Everything is convenient. But how are things in the car, where you sometimes have to spend a significant part of your time? The phone rings, you get into your bag, distracting yourself from the road; you get stuck in a traffic jam and become thirsty; you need to send an urgent e-mail and you are already trying to put your netbook on the steering wheel. So many complications! What does your car lack to be truly comfortable?

Safety first

Many accidents are caused by driver negligence. The driver is often distracted while looking for his phone, which is ringing off the hook. In this situation, an indispensable device for your car will be a phone holder or an anti-slip mat for your phone. It will also protect the cell phone from falling off the panel, where some drivers like to put it.


If you suddenly have to stand on the road – because of a breakdown, being out of gas or any other situation - be sure to wear an emergency vest and put a signal triangle behind your car. This will allow passing drivers to notice you in time to make a detour.

And do not forget about the fire extinguisher and first aid kit, which absolutely must be in the car.

The destination should be reached

In order not to get stuck somewhere on the road for many hours, when your car is stuck or stalled, put a tow rope and an anti-stopper in your car.

Statistically, 9 out of 10 drivers consider a tow rope an indispensable item in the car, but only 6 out of 10 carry one with them. 4 out of those 6 end up in a situation where a tow rope would have come in handy themselves.

The rope would help tow you and the car to the right place in case of a serious breakdown, and the anti-stopper would be a way of overcoming off-roading - sand, mud, slippery road section, etc.

The cleanliness of the interior is an important part of comfort

A car needs even more cleaning than an apartment. Its interior constantly receives dust and dirt through windows and air conditioning grilles. Going to the car wash once a month is not enough to keep it clean. The cleaning of the interior should be carried out regularly, especially with the availability of special tools such as wipes that are easy to use, a handheld vacuum cleaner, and other means - it will not take much time.

Moreover, to clean less often, you can use different protectors and mats that are easy to shake out and wipe.

For example, you can buy cup holder mats to keep drinks from spilling out and buy back seat protectors to avoid passengers’ footprints.

To prevent a large number of items from cluttering up the car, put them in special organizers and storage bags.

Each driver ultimately decides for himself what is important to him. But, most importantly, do not forget about safety.

Good luck on the road, drivers! :)


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