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Wireless auto scanner - an indispensable tool for any driver

Wireless auto scanner - an indispensable tool for any driver

Operating the car involves significant costs, including the elimination of arising malfunctions. It is possible to save on repairs if you eliminate defects with your own forces, but doing this requires determining where the breakdown occurred. Nowadays, it is possible to make a diagnosis even without visiting the service center, but it will require special equipment – a wireless car scanner. Such a device allows you to read error codes from the car’s electronic control unit in the most convenient way, because the data from the scanner is transmitted via Bluetooth to your notebook, smartphone or tablet. This way of reading and analyzing information allows you to diagnose the car while you are outside the cabin.

The advantages of using wireless car scanners are:

  • compactness - the device easily fits in a small bag or pocket;
  • functionality - such equipment allows you to perform a wide range of actions required for full-scale diagnostics;
  • user-friendliness - the intuitive interface and simple connection allow you to manage the equipment even without special skills;
  • graphical and textual data output - the equipment displays information in the form of graphs, tables and text messages, which allows you to easily identify the source of the problem.

These advantages have predetermined the widespread use of wireless scanners both among ordinary car owners and among companies providing vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Varieties of diagnostic equipment

Auto scanners differ in several ways. For example, in terms of functionality, the equipment can be of the following types:

  • dealer - such devices are produced directly by car manufacturers. They have a narrow specialization (work only with a certain brand of car), a high price and the widest possible opportunities;
  • vintage - such scanners are often confused with the previous type since they only work with certain models of cars. However, in terms of functionality, branded scanners are somewhat inferior to dealer ones;
  • multi-brand - these are the most common auto scanners. They are produced by third-party manufacturers. They stand out thanks to their reasonable price and their ability to diagnose vehicles of various brands.

In addition, the products also differ in vehicle types: some models are designed to diagnose passenger cars, while others allow you to identify malfunctions in commercial vehicles (trucks, medium-duty vehicles). There are also scanners for motorcycle diagnostics. In addition, diagnostic equipment differs in price, manufacturer and model.

Necessity of purchase

Car owners who have tried a wireless auto scanner at least once in business will not doubt the need to purchase one. For other drivers not to have such doubts, you only need to list the functionality of the equipment, namely:

  • displaying the operation of all available vehicle sensors in real time;
  • informing about the mileage of the car and VIN;
  • performing complex diagnostics of the car in automatic mode;
  • programming the operation of automotive components;
  • reading and deleting errors from the ECU.

Thanks to this, car owners will be able to solve a variety of problems that arise during the operation of the vehicle. The functionality of such equipment differs depending on the auto scanner model: professional devices have the widest possible capabilities, while entry-level wireless auto scanners only have the necessary set of functions.

How to buy a wireless auto scanner

When choosing a place to buy, you need to focus on the following parameters:

  • the cost of products;
  • the range of diagnostic level of service;
  • the list of additional services.

You can make such a purchase in specialized stores, car services, car markets and virtual marketplaces. The latter method is especially interesting, as it allows car owners to acquire high-quality diagnostic equipment at affordable prices, spending a minimum of time on making a purchase.

Good luck on the road, drivers.


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