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Car Vacuum Cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuuming equipment, which is primarily characterized by its small size. Despite its direct purpose – cleaning the car – such a device may be used for the home because it allows you to clean the most inaccessible places. Buy a vacuum cleaner, as well as various accessories for your favorite car here –

Car vacuum cleaners are quite compact, but some models are also equipped with additional brushes to remove dried up dirt. Most models work on the principle of the standard dry cleaning technique. That is why it is not recommended to use them for cleaning up spilled water.

Types of car vacuum cleaners

Depending on the type of power supply, there are two categories of automotive after-cleaning equipment:

  • Vacuum cleaners with a built-in battery. Such a model can work even in the most inaccessible places and is not limited to the power source. Without additional charging, such a model is able to work for about an hour. The main disadvantage is low power and, consequently, the level of cleaning will also be insignificant. 
  • Vacuum cleaners with a plug. Such a model, because of the length of the cord, is limited in space. Thus, when buying a stationary vacuum cleaner, you should consider the dimensions of your car.

The main characteristics of car vacuum cleaners

1)  Technical features: The power of such equipment determines the quality of suction, and, accordingly, cleaning. The manual always indicates two parameters: the amount of energy consumed and the power of the motor. The maximum motor power value can be 180 watts. It is worth remembering that the greater this parameter, the better the cleaning, but such a model will cost more. For the daily cleaning of your car, a motor power of 100 watts is enough.  


2)  Dust collector: Most models use reusable containers for collecting dust. The advantage of this fact is that, after cleaning, you only need to shake out the dust canister and you can continue to use it. There are also models with additional filters that increase the power and protect against additional clogging.

3)  The weight of the appliance: It is worth understanding that the smaller the size and weight of the vacuum cleaner, the less power it has. This option can be practical for cleaning carpets or the surface of the seats, but may not be suitable for the general cleaning of the car.

Naturally, for a more thorough cleaning of your car, you should buy a model with greater power. Despite the fact that they are more cumbersome, the quality of the cleaning will be much better.

However, for everyday cleaning, to remove small debris and dust, a compact vacuum cleaner with low power will do.

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