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2pcs Chrysler Logo Wireless Car Door Led Laser Projector


Product description:

  • Fit For: Chrysler.
  • Color: Black.
  • Size: 2,44 x 2,63 x 0,55 inch (62 x 67 x 14 mm).
  • Easily to install it yourself with the 3M adhesive sticker, no more troubles of making holes.
  • Auto light up with the door opening.
  • Environmental, high power, high efficient, energy saving, no pollution, no noise, no electronic interface.
  • Lighting steady and constant, clear and soft.
  • Power Supply: 3x AAA battery.
  • Package includes: 2Pcs Ghost Shadow Car Door LED Laser Projector.

Install Instruction:

  1. Install instruction about the batteries: Put 3 pcs AAA (1.5V) batteries in the battery case and install them according to the positive & negative as marked in the case. Then close the batteries case.
  2. Install instruction of the shadow light: Stick the Magnet on the bottom of the car frame. Stick the car light on the car door. The distance between the Magnet & Car light is about 10mm. When you close the car door, the Magnet is at the under face of the sensor on the car logo light.
  3. Automatic Control & Manual Control: When you open the door, the logo will be shown on the ground, and it will turn off automatically after 2 minutes. If you want the light on/off, just need to press the button on the head of the light.