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How do you protect your car from the scorching rays of the sun?

Although summer is over, the heat still remains in some cities, so this article will be relevant for hotter regions. And the rest of the drivers will be the center of attention next year, write it down.

What system suffers the most from the sun and what to do if there is no antifreeze on hand?

In this article, we’ll share tricks for protecting your car from sunrays and take an in-depth look at the main ways to stay safe in high temperatures.

Owning a car is not a pleasure, and that is why you want it to retain not only its functions, but also a presentable appearance for as long as possible. Let’s consider a few means to “help” your car in hot weather.

5 simple ways to protect your car from sunrays

1. Protective cover

A very common type of car protection from overheating. Usually, the cover is made of a polymer base – polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane. The active principle of the protective cover is simple: it is a breathable coating that does not allow moisture to accumulate in the space between the car and the tent itself, thereby providing air circulation, and the cloth material is resistant to sunlight.

The advantages of this protection method for your car include mobility (the tent cover will not take much space, which allows you to take it with you on trips), durability, simplicity of use and longevity. What is interesting is that you can sew the awning yourself, so the described method will be liked even by the most economical car owners.

2. Sun-reflective surface for windshield

It is no secret that the temperature inside a car rises quickly if the car is standing on the sunny side of the road. The heat inside the car can exceed the outdoor temperature by 17 degrees Celsius. So, the interior of a car may already be 47 degrees, when it is “just” 32 degrees outside. How to avoid the effect of steaming?

A surface for reflection of the sun, which is placed under the windshield, comes to the rescue. Your steering wheel and the front panel of your car will be reliably protected from overheating. 

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3. Sunblind

This type of car protection from overheating is an analogue of the previous method and has the same positive aspects. It is worth noting that the curtains of light shades, especially shiny, better reflect light and protect more from overheating. However, curtains, unlike sun screens, cannot be attached to the outside. The choice is left to the owner.

4. Tinting

This method of protecting the car from the scorching sun is very effective. The owner of the car chooses the percentage of light transmission. The advantage of this protection method is the spectacular appearance of the car, and many passengers and drivers will like to be hidden from prying eyes. Now there is a so-called athermal film to replace the tinting. There are tinted, metallized, spattered (especially resistant to external influence) and spattered-metalized films. Recently, the “chameleon” look has become very popular – it makes the car look really expensive.

5. Automotive cosmetics

A relatively new method of protecting the car from overheating. Such means are divided into two types. The first is designed to protect the interior, and the second protects the body from overheating. Will auto-cosmetics protect your car the same way as other methods of overheating protection? The efficiency of the described method is definitely much lower than, for example, tinting. In addition, this method implies frequent use of such means, and therefore this type of protection is also costly.

In protecting the car from sunrays, each person has their own tips, many of which were used even by our grandfathers – and not only to extend the life of the car and maintain its nice appearance, but also to get out of seemingly insoluble situations.

A note to owners: tricks to protect your car from the sun

Even in school, we were told that black absorbs light, and you should not wear dark clothing in hot weather. This rule is also true for car owners, which is why frequent trips to the car wash are an excellent preventive measure for the vehicle during the warm season. The explanation is simple: a clean shiny car reflects the sunlight better than a dusty one. In addition, a “fresh” car will be pleasing to the eye. And for those who wash the car themselves, saving money will be a plus.

There is another method to prevent the car from overheating, but you can only use it in a safe or guarded territory. For example, by leaving the window open for 1 cm, you will provide an inflow of fresh air to the passenger compartment of your car, which will reduce the temperature by 8 degrees compared to the maximum one.

And what to do if the car is overheated on the road?

This trick is not new and is suitable for older cars. You will need to switch on the heater at full power to remove excessive heat from the engine. A huge disadvantage is the increase in temperature in the cabin in hot weather. Therefore, it is necessary to stop at the first opportunity and let the car cool down by stopping the engine.

So, now there is a huge number of ways to protect your car from the harmful effects of sunlight. They vary in cost and design, but all methods are alike in principle: they help to reflect sunlight from the surface of the car, thereby preventing deformation of interior elements and preserving the paintwork of the body. Almost all of the described methods of protection are highly effective and, in conjunction with frequent washing, will help to keep the car in working order.

 Good luck on the road, drivers.

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