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How to choose car seat covers

Covers and seat covers are needed in a car to protect the original upholstery, to give the interior a beautiful look, and to provide comfort on trips. Covers differ from each other in design, material, and additional functions.

In this article, we will tell you what covers are and how to choose the right one.

Which is better: covers or capes?

There is no definite answer to this question. Both covers and capes are good at protecting seats from dirt.

Capes only cover the top part of the seat. They are easy to install and most often have a universal size, which means the same cape is suitable for seats of different car brands and models. Regarding the disadvantages: the capes do not completely cover the seat and are not very well fixed on it.

Mock covers are similar to capes, but cover the front of the seat completely. They are easy to install, and quite good at protecting the seat upholstery from dirt. Most often than not, the mock covers’ size is universal.

Full-size covers completely cover the seat. They can change and transform the look of the cabin. Full covers, unlike capes and masks, always have a soft layer of foam, which prevents the formation of folds on the main material of the cover and allows the product to hold its shape. Covers also come in universal size, but it is better to buy one that fits a certain car model. The case for the model will fit and look better.

Capes and shirts are a good option for those who want to save money, and full covers for those who need to reliably protect their interior from contamination. Covers fit better, do not slip on the seat, and look stylish.

What material to choose for the covers

The most popular materials for making covers and capes are velvet, velour, jacquard, eco-leather and imitation suede.

Faux suede, imitation leather and genuine leather are wear-resistant and easy to care for materials that look stylish and expensive. They do not absorb odors, do not get electrostatic, and barely get dirty. High-quality leatherette or Alcantara covers may last more than a year, and will not even require dry-cleaning.

Velvet, velour and jacquard are nice to the touch, but they absorb liquids, odors and dust. They get dirty quickly, so they need regular dry-cleaning or laundering.

On the market, you can find covers made of tarpaulin – they are quite stiff, but durable and hard-wearing. Canvas covers do not let moisture through at all, so it may not be very comfortable to sit on these covers in the summer.

There are also covers made of artificial and natural fur, which many car owners consider a winter option. These covers are quite voluminous and demanding to care for. In the summer, sitting on them will feel hot, so they certainly cannot be called universal.

If you are looking for the most practical and easy to care for covers, you should go for eco-leather or Alcantara covers. You can also find a model on sale that combines a leather base and suede inserts. If you want soft and warm seats, you should focus your attention on velour, velvet and jacquard, but keep in mind that the covers made of these materials will have to be regularly cleaned, washed or dry-cleaned.

How to choose the right size

Capes and mock-covers most often have a universal size, so choosing the size will not be a problem. It is a little more difficult to choose the right size for covers.

Some manufacturers produce covers of universal size, but it is better to choose covers strictly according to the size of the seats. There are two ways to do this.

The first way is to determine the size of the cover from the dimensions of the front seat. You will need a size S cover if the height of the back is 60 cm (23.6 inch), its width is 52 cm (20.5 inch), the width of the seat is 48 cm (18.9 inch), its depth is 52 cm (20.5 inch), and the width of the headrest is 44 cm (17.3 inch). A size M is suitable if the backrest’s height is 64 cm, its width is 56 cm, the seat width is 48 cm (17.3 inch), its depth is 56 cm (22 inch), and the headrest width is 46 cm (18 inch). S and M are the most common sizes, which are designed specifically for passenger cars.

The second way is to choose a cover according to the model and brand of the car. Many covers are made specifically for a particular model, and this is the best option: you cannot go wrong with the size.

Which mounts are the most convenient

Seat covers are attached to the seats in different ways. The most convenient ways are rubber bands with hooks and rubber bands with Velcro. Velcro fasteners are especially good for seats with a side airbag: in an emergency situation, Velcro will simply undo and let the airbag take up all the volume needed. Hooks are convenient because they are easy to fasten and, if necessary, unfasten.

Zippered covers are also convenient, especially if they allow you to adjust their size. There are only rubber covers – they are not attached additionally and stick to the seat due to the tight fit rubber bands.

The easiest fasteners are the usual ties. Fasteners are common, but less convenient, because the covers on the ties are quite difficult to remove – you have to untie all the knots every time.

Which additional features may come in handy

For greater comfort when traveling, you can buy covers with orthopedic support. These covers are equipped with additional support for the back, lower back, hips, neck, and shoulder girdle. Orthopedic covers are useful for those who spend a lot of time driving.

There are also massaging covers and capes. The primitive massaging covers consist of wooden balls woven together. These capes provide a gentle, passive massage. The more effective massaging covers and capes are vibratory and roller covers. The former affect the muscles with pulsations and vibrations, the latter with rollers that roll inside the cape. Both roller and vibratory capes are electronically controlled and require a power connection.

There are covers and capes with cooling and heating functions. These models are useful in summer and winter, ensuring comfort in the cabin in all weather conditions, both hot and cold.

There are also special seat cushions (silicone, leather, fur and others) for more comfortable sitting.

If you often carry pets in the car, such as a large dog after a walk or hunting, you should consider a special dirt protector on the back seat.

Those who like order may like covers with organizers – a system of pockets for storing useful little things and documents.

Good luck on the road, drivers.

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