Lada Vesta 2015-2019 Xray 2015-2019 Steering Wheel Cover-1673631942


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Product Overview

  • Fit for: Lada (Vesta 2015-2019 Xray 2015-2019).
  • Material: Leather.
  • Color: Black.
  • Type: Black Thread, Blue Thread, Red Thread, Red Blue Thread, Yellow Thread, Gray Thread, White Thread, Light Blue Thread, Orange Thread.
  • Item Height: 6.3 inch (160mm).
  • Item Width: 2.36 inch (60mm).
  • Item Diameter: 14.96 inch (380mm).
  • Item Length: 11.02 inch (280mm).
  • Protect your steering wheel from sweat, stains and other external contaminants.
  • Nice minimalistic style, soft material, high quality.
  • Package include: 1pc of Steering Wheel Cover.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review