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4/8pcs Hankook Letter Wheels Rim Stickers

Color: Orange White (8pcs)
  • Fit for: Universal.
  • Color: Orange White (8pcs), Orange White with White Stripes (8pcs), Orange White (4pcs), Orange White with White Stripes (4pcs), Red (8pcs), Red with Red Stripes (8pcs), Red (4pcs), Red with Red Stripes (4pcs), White Stripes (8pcs), Red Stripes (8pcs).
  • Material: Rubber.
  • Placement: Wheels.
  • Size letter: 1.06 x 0.03 x 1.06 inches (27 x 0.8 x 27 mm).
  • The letters are attached to the tires with glue.
  • Clean the rubber once a month for a lasting look. Sticker is suitable for any vehicle. Ultra high-quality raised sticker.
  • This sticker has super strong adhesion and a high-quality appearance, perfect for everyday driving.
  • Package includes 4/8pcs Hankook Letter Wheels Tire Stickers.