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Types of Car Emblems

Car emblems started as branding for manufacturers and dealerships, but soon these enameled metal emblems became mini works of art, like car jewelry. Attached to the car, these emblems proclaimed everything from loyalty to a particular manufacturer to membership in a car club.

Every car has its own logo and most car brands are instantly recognizable by their emblem. However, while in the past you could only buy a standard badge with the car logo, car emblems today have become more diverse, individual, sophisticated, and modernized.

Today, car emblems do far more than just distinguish one brand from the next. One might even say that a quality car emblem is as much a status symbol as the very car it is attached to.

A car without its logo is naked and incomplete, which only goes to show how much power these comparatively minuscule symbols bring to the table.

And today, you can add a variety of different emblems to your car, which will reflect not only the car brand but also its model, personality, and your personal taste and uniqueness.

Let’s analyze what types of emblems exist

  1. Grille emblems

These emblems are mainly made of metal, they are attached to the radiator grill using bolts or other fasteners, which usually come with the purchase.

  1. Hood emblems

These emblems are mostly metal and voluminous, attached to the hood with an adhesive layer or other attachment.

  1. Stickers emblems

These emblems can be metal or plastic. There is an adhesive layer on the back of the emblem, thanks to which it can be attached to the car.

  1. Fender emblems

These are paired emblems that are attached with the glue layer to both sides of the car.

  1. Letter emblems

These emblems can contain the name of the car model or simply some other words or phrases that will make your car unique.

  1. LED emblems

LED emblems are trendy nowadays, because it is not just a badge with your car logo, but a badge that glows in the dark.

The LED emblem should be connected to the power supply of the license plate, so that when the night light is turned on, the emblem light will be turned on at the same time.

  1. Other emblems

Other emblems may not display the logo of your car, but depict various characters from cartoons or movies, comic book characters, various animals, etc.

It is up to you to decide what emblems to decorate your car with, making it stand out from others, making it unique, reflecting its owner.

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 Good luck on the road, drivers.

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