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Types of car holders for gadgets

Almost every car owner today has a phone holder in their car. This is not surprising, because these devices greatly simplify the use of mobile gadgets for communication or navigation during the trip and significantly reduce the risk of distracting the driver from the road.

However, there is a certain problem with choosing a suitable device for fixing smartphones among the huge variety of these products on the market today. In this article, we will list the main and most popular types of car holders.

Velcro mat

Silicone velcro mats are suitable for drivers who like to have everything they need at their fingertips. The great thing about these mats is that you can not only put a smartphone on it, but also change from your pockets – nothing will roll around on the front panel.

The mats are made of silicone, so the objects are held by the properties of the material, not by the glue layer. No sticky residue is left on the body of the smartphone.

It is easy to find fairly large mats on sale, the area of which is enough to hold even a large phone.

This accessory is easy to care for: you can wash it periodically with plain water or just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Velcro mat with sides and holder

Silicone mats come in large, with borders, with separations into different compartments, as well as with holders, where you can make your phone stand vertically.


These mats are easy to care for and can also be rinsed with water or wiped down.

Clip with flexible cord

Quite a specific type of attachment, which is more likely to bring problems for the driver than make his life easier. Seemingly convenient principle of fixing – by means of a tenacious clothespin – it actually causes discomfort while driving. The clothespin is fixed to the grill of the deflector, and the air flow makes the holder swing, causing not only the support to break, but your phone as well. The only advantage of the clip is the flexible cord, which allows you to rotate the cell phone at any angle.

Holder for steering wheel

This device consists of a plastic plate with retaining strips, internal fixing springs, and silicone rollers for cell phones of any size. The device is attached to the steering wheel with an elastic loop. Despite the apparent simplicity and ease of attachment, it has some serious drawbacks. For example, when mounted on the steering wheel, your phone partially covers the dashboard and rotates with the steering wheel, which may cause motion sickness.

Bracket with adjustment

This is another option of fixation on the ventilation grille, but, unlike the clip, it is more practical. Your smartphone should be inserted between the sliding stops of the mount, and the device can be any size. Unlike the clip, the adjustable bracket is stable and has no wobbly flexible cord. 

Magnetic holder

A compact and convenient way to mount your phone on the dashboard, which has a lot of advantages compared to other options. The design is based on a neodymium magnet placed inside a metal holder, which is previously attached to the dashboard. The second part of the device, fixed to the body of the gadget, is attracted to the first one as soon as the cell phone is brought near it. Thanks to the elastic rubber gasket, the phone rotates in different directions without coming off the base. The only disadvantage of the magnetic holder is the inability to change its position, so you need to think carefully before fixing it for good.


Mini pocket

This fastener is a prime example of how simple things are the most genius. The small pocket is held on the surface of the ventilation grille. In addition to your phone, you can store in the pocket small items, such as glasses, a charging cord, etc.

Suction cup holder

suction cup mount expands the possibilities for fixing your phone, including with uneven surfaces, without changing the interior. The advantage of this option is open access to all operating buttons and ports of the gadget, while the suction cup reliably “sits” even on bases with a sharp slope. If over time the suction cup begins to fall off, washing it with water and degreasing the surface of the plastic will be enough. The disadvantages of the suction cup holder include swinging of the device while driving.

In fact, there are many more types of holders for gadgets in the car, in this article we have listed only the most popular types. We hope that we will be able to facilitate your choice of car holders.

Good luck on the road, drivers.

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