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Why does your auto need tire valve stem caps?

From time to time drivers have the need to check the air pressure in the wheels of their car. There are cases when during the check it is found that one tire, or maybe several tires at once, is missing a cap that is screwed on the valve stem. Some people won’t be too worried about this, while others may get worried and go to the nearest auto parts store to buy new caps to replace the lost ones.

But even something as small as a tire valve stem cap has a purpose in our car. A car is a mechanism, in which even a small, seemingly insignificant detail performs a certain function.

The valve cap is not just a decoration. In fact, a tire valve stem cap keeps air and nitrogen in the tires, protects the valve stem from dirt and moisture that could get inside and potentially contaminate the seal and cause air leaks.

Caps are available in different materials: metal, plastic, hard quality plastic. But the most important thing is not what the cap is made of, but whether there is a rubber washer or similar seal inside the cap to make it airtight. It is the airtight caps that provide good protection against outside weather conditions and air leaks.

In addition, the rubber washer or seal inside the cap helps it hold better and not fall out of the wheel due to vibrations during driving. When buying a hubcap, pay close attention to the rubber washer or seal inside the hubcap.

Often the caps are lost at the car repair shops during wheel pressure checks, or perhaps on a long trip, when the rotation of the tires for thousands of miles gives vibration and can cause the cap to become weak and get lost.

If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system TPMS, it’s even more important to have a cap on the valve stem to keep dust and fluid out. When you change your tires for snow tires, you may still need to change the tire pressure monitoring system sensor if the valve core is jammed in the stem, which could lighten your wallet by $50.00-$70.00.

If you go to the auto shop to check your tire pressure, be sure to properly tighten the valve stem caps, and if they are missing on any tire you need to put in new ones. If your mechanic is paying attention to this, he is a good specialist. After all, a good technician knows how important it is to pay attention to even the smallest details.

Tire valve stem caps can also be a great decoration for your car’s tires. After all, they come in not only single-color but also multi-color, with the logo of your car as well as with symbols from movies, cartoons, etc. You can choose not only reliable valve caps but also beautiful caps, which will please your eyes.

Good luck on the road, drivers.

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