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Wiper blades: what to choose and when to change?

Auto wipers come in 3 types: frame, frameless, and hybrid.

1. Frame wipers:

A common type of wiper blade, where the wiper belt is attached through several rocker arms. The pluses are the low cost and maximum fit to the glass, even in the curved area. 

Cons – the more in the design of mechanical parts, the more it is subject to wear; in winter the frame of the wipers is covered with ice, ceasing to perform its direct duties of adherence to the glass.

  • We can say that the frame wiper blades are mostly in the past.

2. Frameless wipers:

A better job of cleaning the car’s glass at high speeds. Car owners love them for their beautiful appearance, but they have differences from the carcass ones: small weight, which means less strain on the windshield wiper drive of the car. Noticeably quieter due to better aerodynamics. Longer life compared to the frame wipers.  It is recommended to use them in winter and summer. 

Disadvantages – because of the rigid bend on a particularly convex glass can remain unclean corners, you can not replace the rubber band – the wiper blade is replaced in the assembly;

  • Higher cost than for the frame models.

3. Hybrid wipers:

By design, they repeat the usual frame car wipers, but in an enclosed streamlined body. It is a combination of the best qualities of the first and second types. In fact, the hybrid wiper is a frame wiper, on top of which a spoiler with movable side walls was attached to improve aerodynamics. Therefore, the aerodynamics are better than conventional frame models, although the basis is the same. There is protection against dust and moisture on the metal frame.

  • The disadvantage is the highest price among the three types. 

Winter wipers.

A subspecies of hybrid brushes can be considered and the so-called “winter wipers”. This is also a frame construction, where all the working elements are hidden inside a cover of a thin rubber tube. They are better protected from freezing. But a little bit of moisture penetrates inside anyway. Therefore, there is not much use.

When and how to change the wiper blades?

Wipers are expendable, and their service life rarely exceeds two seasons. You yourself will see and feel that the wipers are worn out. If the wipers do not remove water and dirt after one or two sweeps, leaving streaks on the glass, it is time to replace them.

Another unpleasant feature of poor or worn brushes may be a water film, which remains after the passage of the cleaning element on the glass: in the rain at night this film smears the light from the headlights of oncoming cars, critically worsening the visibility. If you feel a clear lack of visibility and you are blinded by every oncoming car – it’s time to replace the brushes.

There are no strict criteria for replacing the wipers, but the best time is the change of season, especially if we are talking about the fall and winter. Safety is paramount, and it directly depends on the visibility index.

Some manufacturers put a wear indicator on the spoiler of frameless brushes. It is a mark made with special paint. When installing the brushes, you need to remove the protective film from this mark. Under the influence of the external environment, the indicator changes color – this indicates the upcoming replacement of the wipers for new ones.

Do not forget to monitor the wiper fluid level and its temperature readings. It is very easy to choose a windshield wiper fluid, unlike oil or brake fluid.

Depending on the temperature outside, take the appropriate canister: -5°, -10°. If the temperature difference is not strong, you may mix different liquids, but if strong frosts are coming, use all the warm liquid beforehand: in strong frost, it can freeze inappropriately.

If you want to increase the length of the windshield wipers of the car, you must not deviate much from the factory values. Trapeze mechanisms with springs are designed for a certain size of wipers. If you put a lot more – there will be less pressure. But small deviations are possible, the main thing is not to touch each other and not to rub against auto glass sealing.

By the way, there are silicone rubbers, which have proved themselves positively. They don’t last longer than ordinary ones, but they do their job well. It is also desirable to buy an anti-rain agent. Then the wipers will work less often and will last longer.

How to care for your car wipers?

Even high-quality car wipers can fail quickly. For example, working on dry glass. Use the wipers only on wet glass, do not make them work dry.

To change the wipers less often, you should wash them more often and periodically degrease. All kinds of solvents are not good – only harm. Use silicone grease, the use of which will come in handy with the arrival of frost. It is enough before installing the wipers to carefully inject a silicone tale under the cover. It will displace moisture and keep the wipers from freezing.

It is desirable to remove the car wipers from the wiper blades once a year and wash them in warm water with soap. Then lubricate the joints with special grease. This way the wipers will last longer.

Sometimes at markets, car owners are offered to buy chemical rubber modifiers. They assure that it brings back the youthfulness of bad wipers. True, no one says that youth returns only for a couple of days. After that time, the wipers start working worse than before, leaving scratches and streaks.

If the glass is heavily scratched, the visibility is poor, even if the brushes are brand new. Therefore, many drivers, to improve visibility, do windshield polishing. It has a positive effect on the work of wipers since clean glassworks faster and less wear and tear.

When the windshield wipers leave stripes on the glass, it is not bad rubber bands that blame the wiper unit. In particular, the trapezium mechanism. There are springs inside, which over time weaken and less press the wiper blade to the glass. Therefore, they do not clean well.

It is recommended to raise the lever, turn the wiper perpendicular to it and, like a corkscrew for the wiper blade, bend the lever. The task – to achieve parallelism of the hook plane on the leash with the plane of the glass. After that, bad brushes will work properly.

 Good luck on the road, drivers.

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