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2pcs Audi S Line Logo Emblem

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  • Fit for: Audi (For all models).
  • Material: Metal.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Placement: Car Body.
  • Size: 2.25x0.5 inch (57x13 mm).
  • Strong double side adhesive tap in the back.
  • Use detergent to clean before it is attached to the surface of the target.
  • Package include: 1x Emblem.

What does the audi emblem with S line mean?

The Audi S line is a package of performance and design enhancements that is available for many Audi models. The S line emblem consists of the Audi logo, which is a circle with four interlinked rings, and the letter "S" inside the circle. The "S" stands for "Sport," and it signifies that the vehicle has been equipped with sport-inspired features such as a more powerful engine, sport-tuned suspension, and sportier exterior and interior design elements. The S line package is designed to give Audi vehicles a more dynamic and sporty appearance, as well as enhanced performance and handling characteristics. It is typically offered as an option on many Audi models, and it is often paired with other performance packages such as the Audi S or RS line.


  • The reverse side of the emblem has an adhesive tape.
  • Please clean the target surface before you use it.
  • Self adhesive, peel and stick, easy to put on your car.
  • You can use a hairdryer to make the adhesive tape stick better.
  • Do not wash within 48 hours.