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Audi Grille Emblem 316x111 mm for Q7 2017-2020

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  • Fit for Audi Q7 2017-2020.
  • Material: ABS
  • Part number: 4M0-853-605-2ZZ
  • Color: Matt Black / Glossy Black / Silver
  • Size: 12.40x4.3 inch (316x111 mm).
  • Package include: 1x Audi Grille Emblem


This emblem has a pin connector for mounting on the hood or trunk.

The meaning of the Audi emblem is rooted in the company's history. Audi was founded in 1909 as the Automobilwerke Zwickau GmbH, and in 1932 it merged with three other companies to form Auto Union AG. Each of these four companies used a ring as part of its logo, and when the companies merged, the rings were combined to form the Audi emblem. The four rings of the Audi emblem, therefore, represent the four companies that came together to form the modern Audi brand.

Today, the Audi emblem is synonymous with luxury, innovation, and performance, and it is widely recognized as a symbol of quality and prestige in the automotive industry.