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2pcs BMW M-Series Logo Seat Belt Pads

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  • Fit for: BMW M-Series.
  • Color: Black-Red, Red.
  • Material: Leather.
  • Size: 2.4x8.1 inch (60x205 mm).
  • These seat belt pads are the perfect solution to alleviate discomfort caused by rubbing and irritation.
  • Designed to fit securely in all car types and seats, they offer a hassle-free installation and enhanced comfort during your travels.
  • Package includes 2x BMW M-Series Logo Seat Belt Pads.


Seat belt covers for BMW are elegant and functional accessories that add charm to your car's interior. They are made from high-quality material, providing comfort and protection. The covers feature a stylish design with a discreet M logo, highlighting the brand's prestige. They also prevent damage and wear to the seat belts, keeping them in pristine condition and protecting your shoulders from rubbing.