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2pcs Both Sides 5.7 Liter Dodge RAM HEMI Vinyl Decal Sticker

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  • Fit For: Dodge RAM HEMI.
  • Color: Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Matt Black.
  • Material: Vinyl.
  • Size: 46" x 10" (116,8 x 25,4 cm).
  • Decorate your car with personalized car decal, which made to a personlized look of your car.
  • The car decal is durable to heat and sunlight, so it's not faded at least for years.
  • Package include: 2x Stickers.

What does HEMI mean?

The Dodge HEMI Emblem refers to the iconic logo of the HEMI engine, which has been used by Dodge for several decades. HEMI stands for "High Efficiency Maintaining Independent" and refers to the unique design of the engine, which uses hemispherical combustion chambers to improve power and efficiency. The HEMI engine has been used in a variety of Dodge vehicles, including muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs, and the HEMI emblem is often used as a symbol of the company's performance and innovation.

How to install

  • Clean your car surface where will be pasted.
  • Use a credit car, squegee, or something similar to smooth down your decal.
  • Take off the back paper of sticker slowly, ant stick it on your car.
  • Carefully and slowly,remove the transfer tape from your decal.
  • Finish, After installation does not wash your car for 48 hours.