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2pcs Fiat Logo Led Cup Holder Mat Pad

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Product Details:

  • Fit For: Fiat.
  • Size: Diametr About 2,7 inch (6,8 cm).
  • Multi-color cup with 7 RGB colors of your choice.
  • Colors (LED): blue; white; red; yellow; green; purple; blue.
  • Sensor: Light and Vibration sensors.
  • Charge Time: About 2 hours.
  • It takes about 12-15 days to fully uncharge the battery.
  • Light Delay Time Out: About 15 seconds.
  • Fits into standard size cup holders in most vehicles.
  • Convenient and safe to use as a cup holder in the car, as well as to decorate the interior of the car, will create a cool and unique atmosphere for you.
  • Water-resistant surface.
  • Package content:____ 2pc Car Cup Holder Mat and 1piece USB Cable.


  • Some Scratches on the surface, please tear out the protective film, the cup mat will become smooth soon.
  • Make sure the power is full before you use the cup mat.
  • Power Button - Pressing the Back Switch for 3 seconds,Back Switch could change the color,press the button once,it would change another color.