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4pcs Jaguar Fender Stickers

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Carbon Fiber



Installing 4 Jaguar Fender Decals not only gives your car a stylish look, it also provides protection from bumps, chips and collisions that can occur during normal driving. So if you're looking to combine style with safety, Jaguar 4 Fender Decals are the way to go, order your decal set today!

  • Fit for: Jaguar.
  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Plastic.
  • Color: Carbon Fiber.
  • Placement: Fender.
  • Size: 1.4x15.6 inch (36x395 mm).
  • Carefully crafted from quality carbon fiber, these Jaguar decals provide a strong and secure fit!
  • They will stay like new in any weather.
  • Installation is simple and the attachment is secure as the adhesive tape ensures a snug fit with the vehicle.
  • Thanks to its flexibility, the decals can wrap around any curve along the arch to fit any vehicle perfectly.
  • Package include: 4pcs Fender Stickers.
  • The reverse side of the emblem has adhesive tape.
  • Clean the car surface, make sure it is dry and smooth before installation.
  • Tear off the adhesive film, press firmly in the indicated place for 2 minutes.
  • You can use a hairdryer to make the adhesive tape stick better.
  • For best results, wait at least 24 hours before washing your car.