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Jeep Performance Parts Emblem/Grille Emblem

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Enhance the look of your car with the Jeep Performance Parts Emblem! With a stylish look and durable construction, this badge will give your car the personality you want. This stylish badge is sure to grab attention and make your car stand out!

  • Fit for: Jeep.
  • Material: Metal.
  • Color: Black, Silver Black, Silver Red, Black Red, Bronze.
  • Type: Grille, Sticker.
  • Placement: Grille, Trunk, Door, Fender.
  • Size: 2.6x2.6x0.16 inch (67x67x4 mm).
  • This emblem is made from extremely durable high quality materials designed to last.
  • A variety of colors ensures that you find the right color for your vehicle.
  • Choose the logo option that suits you (grill or sticker) and order today at a bargain price!
  • Package include: 1pc Emblem.

For Sticker Emblems:

  • The reverse side of the emblem has adhesive tape.
  • Clean the car surface, make sure it is dry and smooth before installation.
  • Tear off the adhesive film, press firmly in the indicated place for 2 minutes.
  • You can use a hairdryer to make the adhesive tape stick better.
  • For best results, wait at least 24 hours before washing your car.

For Grille Emblems:

  • Use the bolts to install the badge on the grille of the car.
  • The bolts are threaded through the grille of the car.