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Jeep Logo Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat

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  • Product size: (19cm x 12cm x 0,2cm). High temperature, within 200 degrees will not change anything.
  • Products do not use any glue, completely rely on the product's own adsorption force affixed to the car on the table, will not damage your table, there will be no traces of glue. At the same time, the adsorption force can not reach the glue effect completely. Please note We declare that the product is inviscid.
  • Front side is leather pattern and sharp back side. Can be placed phone, perfume, change, pens, coins, glasses Bowl, cup, keyboard, calculator, and other smooth items,That's not tape, can not fix the product. It just anti slip effect. Please note anti slip base on Friction.
  • Products can be repeated cleaning, if you find the product is not sticky, please use clean water
  • Material: Silicone.
  • Feature: Anti-slip.
  • Range: Car/Home use.
  • Color: Grid black.
  • Package included: 1Pc Car anti-slip pad (Other accessories are NOT included).